The Restaurant 22 has been renovated and officially opened on the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of Dukagjini Corporation; therefore, the Restaurant name is set to “22”.

The Restaurant 22 is quite exclusive with inventory made of mahogany wood which is dominated by brown color, which makes it a cozy and warm atmosphere for staying and to have lunch. Noble stone chandeliers give to the Restaurant the exclusivity which is incomparable with other restaurants in the region.

The capacity of up to 120 persons enables to organizing of various family, business and social events, as well as the restaurant can be used for different meetings in different forms of the hall organizing.

Chef of the kitchen
at Hotel Dukagjini

We assure you that we cook only quality meals prepared with love and special spices that you will find them very surprising.

The below meals are recommended from our menu:

Beautiful Restaurant, Beautiful place and lovely staff. Alessandro Zulian, Venice at Italy

Working hours

You can visit our restaurant from:

Opening: 7am
Finish: 11pm


For your reservations you can mail us or call us:

+386 49 766 015