An environment different than the other spaces with a created atmosphere is mainly visited by youth and make the City Pub in this way one of the most visited places in the city from morning till late hours.

The specialty of the City Pub is the variety of Beer that you can find, around 44 varieties of local and international beer. In the city pub you can find also find a long menu of appetizers and fast food that will allow you to spend wonderful moments with your company.

Below you can see some food that you can find only in the City Pub

PicadoHaving fun during your stay

You can have fun playing picado while you are tasting a worldwide brand beers.

Picado service is with payment!

The best and warmer place to spend the days and nights when winter is cold City Pub which brings to you the feeling of summer, also subscribed to all sports channels to watch LIVE sports games at High Definition. Arbresh Ahmeti, Manager ofCity-Pub

Working hours

City pub, began working from early morning.

Starting: 6am
Ending: 24pm


For your reservations you can mail us or call us:.

+386 49 766 003